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Photograph of Gott Library building in 1921 when it was a residence. Photographer unknown. Gott Library Collection.

John K. Gott Library

The Gott Library is housed in an historic building known as the Old Stone Academy in Marshall, Virginia It was a church, a school, a community building, a residence, and now a library. 


John K. Gott was a local historian and native of Marshall who donated his personal library to a non-profit foundation so that his collection could be shared with the public. 

Several other historians also donated collections of material which, along with Gott's contribution, form most of the library's collection. For more information, see Special Collections.


The Old Stone Academy

The main library building is the largest and oldest artifact in the collection. Built in 1771 as Upper Carter's Run Baptist Church, it subsequently was used as a schoolhouse for 100 years and as a community facility for all manner of civic and religious activities. Townspeople affectionately called it the Old Stone Academy. For more information, see the Timeline of the Gott Library Building.

Photo by Tiffany Kelsey 2021

Ribbon Cutting Sinclair Center.jpg

Photo by Laura Kelsey 2019

Robert L. Sinclair Education Center

The Center opened on October 14, 2017 and serves as a venue for lectures and other educational events.  


Currently on display is an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century local maps and photographs of Main Street in Marshall, Virginia.


The archives of the Fauquier Democrat newspaper, the library's latest acquisition, are also housed in the center.


Mr. Sinclair is a county native whose family roots stretch back more than 200 years in Fauquier. He retired after a career as a teacher and principal in Fauquier County Public Schools.


Mr. Sinclair also served on the county planning commission and as chairman of the Public Library, and as chairman of Fauquier's 250th anniversary committee in 2009. 


In 2000 we established this program to provide you with an opportunity to honor a loved one with a permanent commemorative brick while helping to support the Fauquier Heritage & Preservation Foundation's mission. To purchase a brick please click below.

Brick Garden 5.jpg
Photo by Valerie Payne 2024
Photo by Valerie Payne 2024

Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

G. Edward Ashby

Ursula Baxley

Doris Edmonds

Barbara Fishback

Laura Kelsey

Maureen Lawrence

Ava K. Lee

David Melmer

Ben Merchant

Helen M. Saulsbury

Peter Schwartz

Elisa Scott

Tom Thorpe

John Toler

Neal Wavra



Duke Yowell


Ava K. Lee

Vice President

Ruth Payne Umble

Recording Secretary

Stephanie Bedow


Barbara Fishback

Corresponding Secretary

Robert L. Sinclair


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