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Special Collections

The Gott's collection includes research files from the life's work of several published local historians who have studied Fauquier County including John Gott, T. Russell Triplett, Elizabeth McNamara, Walker Minnick, Catherine Kent Price, James M. Moyerand, Joan Peters, and Nancy Upshaw.


Mr. Triplett, for example, platted land records with metes and bounds of entire swaths of the County, an enormous undertaking. In many cases, they have published their findings, but their research files contain additional detail not always included in their books. Consult the profiles of the researchers, the architects of our collection, to determine if they researched areas of interest to you.

The research files are indexed both by surname and by place such as the name of a town, village, farm, or landmark.

Architects of the Collection


John K. Gott

Local historian and genealogist who donated his library for use by the public and for whom the library was later named. More about John Gott


Katherine Price Kent

Dedicated genealogist who donated her extensive library to the Gott consisting of 800 pounds of manuscripts and books.


T. Triplett Russell

Historian who donated 7,000+ items to the library including an unpublished 700-page architectural survey of Fauquier County.

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