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Triplett Russell

T. Triplett "Trip" Russell was born on August 21, 1910 in Baltimoe, MD. His parents, Stanislaus Russell and Harriet Lewis Triplett Russell, were both born near Orlean, VA. In the late 1930s T. Triplett Russell moved to Miami, Florida and became a partner in an architecture firm.


During World War II, he served as an intelligence officer with the Eighth Air Force Photo Reconnaissance Division. He won the Bronze Star and retired from service as a Major. Following the war, he returned to South Florida to resume his career in architecture. During his 40-year career as an architect, Mr. Russell won many distinguished awards (including the Paris Price, second place in 1934), and also served as president of the American Institute of Architecture.


After retiring in 1975, Mr. Ruossell devoted much of his tie working with historian John Kenneth Gott researching the history and genealogy of Northern Virginia and, in particular, Fauquier County. With much of their work accomplished through correspondence betweenFlorida and Virginia, Mr. Russell and Mr. Gott co-authored two books, Fauquier County in the Revoltion, published in 1977 and The Dixon Valley, Its First 250 Years, published in 1991.


In 1993 T. Triplett Ruossell donated his entire collection (in excess of 7,000 pieces) of maps, documents, genealogical material and books to the Fauquier Heritage Society (now the Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation). Among Mr. Russell's works stored here are an unpublished genealogy and hihstory of the Triplett Family of Virginia and an unpublished 700-page architectural survey of country places of Fauquier County.


Mr. Rusell died on June 20, 2000 in Port Charlotte, Florida at age 89. John's research explored all areas of Fauquier County history with special emphasis on the Revolutionary War, and land grants from the Proprietorship.

Published Work

An Historical Vignette of Oak Hill, Fauquier County Home of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States and Native Son of Fauquier County

Russell, T. Triplett, & Gott, John K., 2005. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books.

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Fauquier County in the Revolution. 

Russell, T. Triplett, & Gott, John K. 2007. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books.

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The Dixon Valley It's First 250 Years.

Russell, T. Triplett, & Gott, John K. 2008. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books.

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